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GLAMOUR's new columnist, Diipa Khosla, reveals how growing up in India influenced her beauty regime (and shares the best beauty tips we can borrow)

There's some handy tips here.

21 Nov 2018

If you're not one of the 995,000 people who follows Diipa Khosla's every move on Instagram, allow us to introduce you. Diipa is a fashion and beauty influencer based between Amsterdam and London who's famed for her enviable Instagram shots, coveted wardrobe and beauty intel. Born and raised in India, Diipa moved to the Netherlands to study International Law but has since become a full-time influencer who champions female empowerment so naturally, we snapped up up as one of our new columnists. Each month, Diipa will share her musings with GLAMOUR. To kick off her column, Diipa has shared an insight into her Indian heritage, how it influenced her beauty identity and the best tips we can glean from her routine.

Growing up in the vibrant country of India, natural skincare has been part of my beauty regime for as long as I can remember. I was raised in a family of doctors who all studied natural medicine. So as you can imagine, pretty much everything in our kitchen could double as a beauty product – I’ve been surrounded by beauty hacks ever since I was a little girl!

Natural ingredients can sometimes prove to be the best skincare remedies you can get your hands on and I’ve become very resourceful incorporating them into my beauty regime over the years.

I’m excited to share a few of my favourite beauty hacks with you that have been passed down to me over the generations.

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A few hours after the Haldi was the super intimate and love filled ‘Chooda’ ceremony ♥️ ~ Outfit @manikjassal Jewels @amrapalijewels Hair @avedauk by @aamirnaveedhair Skin @cliniqueuk Makeup @maccosmeticsuk @nishasirpal_makeup Photo @zohaibali.co.uk #thebullslas

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I swear by turmeric for acne

A traditional Indian spice, turmeric is just amazing to cure any kind of spot I get on my face. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are brilliantly effective for fading spots. I usually use it as a mask mixed with rose water. I apply it all over my face and neck and leave it to dry for about 10 minutes. Also, using yogurt as a face mask once a week does wonders for the skin; mix in some honey and turmeric for some extra glow and rehydration.

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Day 2 of #thebullslas wedding started with the HALDI! One of my absolute favourite events! 💛💫 ~ YOUTUBE video with entire Haldi ceremony is now live. Link in Bio 💛 ~ The Haldi is a traditional pre wedding cleansing ceremony where the bride and groom are cleansed with turmeric by family and friends in anticipation of their wedding. The mixture is believed to bless the couple before the wedding, ward off any evil spirits, and give a nice ‘glow’ to the young couple for the big day. Unlike some of the ceremonies of the evening before, the Haldi is a more religious ceremony and includes spiritual aspects such as prayers and mantras. 💫 ~ Video @musemotionpictures

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Sipping ginger and honey tea is great for detoxing the skin

Another one of my favorite natural remedies is drinking lots of ginger and honey tea. You can add 5-6 thin slices of ginger and 1tsp of honey to 90 degree hot water and drink it once a day. This helps detox the body and therefore really helps my skin.

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i’ll be there in a new york minute! 🚕

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Get a good night's sleep

I know you've heard it before but I really can’t emphasise the importance of sleeping enough. Sleep really helps the mind and body recharge and recover. Eating as clean as possible and trying to incorporate a plant-based diet into your daily routine is also a great way to stay healthy and add natural products into your lifestyle.

Exfoliate for smooth skin

My number 1 secret for smooth skin is definitely scrubbing away dead skin cells. My favourite scrub currently is by Caudalie. It’s called the Deep Cleansing Exfoliator and is made of 97% natural ingredients.

See you next month for more beauty tips!

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