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Your old mascara wands can help take care of baby animals, here's how...

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05 Mar 2019

Animal lovers, prepare yourselves for a cuteness overload, because a rescue charity has started an initiative to care for small animals with a little help from our old mascara wands.

The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge in Western North Carolina works to rehabilitate injured animals using recycled mascara brushes, which are used to clean and care for baby animals in need.

According to the rescue group, the mascara brushes are ideal for combing the fur and feathers of small wildlife to remove fleas, larva and fly eggs, meaning the same bristles that plump your lashes work through fine coats like a dream too.

Thanks to the tiny brushes, the non-profit has been able to care for an incredibly cute array of baby animals, such as fluffy duckings, chicks, rabbits and pigeons.

The appeal kicked off when Appalachian Wild's co-founder took to Facebook to urge the public to send in their old mascara brushes. The pubic turned up in their thousands, and before long, people from 40 different states had flooded the charity with donations.

To date, they have received more than 11,400 wands, and have just started a '' program where the public can send in their donations.

If you're looking to send your old brushes somewhere a little closer to home, then the in Aberdeenshire has recently appealed for your support, too.

VIDEO: "It's a bonding thing - and we have now got more wands than " - Mascara brushes donated from around the world help groom and soothe orphaned baby animals at 🐰🐦🦔

— BBC North East Scot (@BBCNorthEast)

Ideally, your mascara should be changed every 3 months to avoid a build-up of bacteria, so if you've been meaning to spring clean your makeup bag, there's never been a better time.