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Kylie Jenner just debuted seriously epic hair extensions

Hair for days.

24 Apr 2019

Phwoar. Huge news: Today, Kylie Jenner debuted a head full of seriously epic hair extensions. We have major envy, instantly.

The 21-year-old lip kit billionaire shared a photo of brand new butt-level-long locks with all her 132 million followers.

Here she is, with a hugely enviable and instantly iconic new look. Truly, that hair must weigh a lot; it is quite a feat to be swishing it as gracefully as she is here. It;s flawless with this dress, too, right?

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Kylie's followers covered her Instagram with fire and heart-eye emojis, which is essentially the highest praise a woman can hope for on social media. She spoke the total truth in her caption, too: "good hair = good day". The Jenners have a lot of good days, going by that logic. With glam teams like theirs, erryday is a sensationally good hair day.

Kylie likes to change up her hair, just like her famous sisters, and she usually sticks to wigs and extensions so that she can keep it looking ridiculously lush and shiny.

Here she is, in one of her incredible wigs, posing for Paper Magazine.

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And wigging out again, this time a timeless blonde pixie cut for that classic sophisticated model look.

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She does actually dye her hair sometimes, too. Here she is with a fiery red look back in January.

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Then of course, she famously went super blonde at the beginning of the year.

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When you're keeping up with Kylie Jenner's hair journey, there's never a dull moment. What will it be next?