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We're all going to be wearing 90s low-rise jeans if these celebrities have anything to do with it

Say it ain't so.

11 Feb 2019

Cast your mind back to 2003, a year when every day brought an iconic pop culture moment. Think Crazy In Love, the release of Mean Girls, and Britney and Xtina's infamous kiss with Madonna at the VMAs.

What most of us probably don't remember, because we've erased it from our mind along with our dodgy haircuts, are the questionable fashion choices of the decade.

If you're struggling to remember what was trending on the red carpet in the early aughts, allow us refresh your memory: Paris Hilton in a pink cut-out crop top, Keira Knightley in an off-the-shoulder bandeau, Britney in rhinestone everything. The common denominator? Low-rise jeans.

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Yep, we hate to break it to you, but we're in for a major sartorial upset because fashion pundits are predicting the return of the ultra low-rise style.

According to The Cut, the countdown to the comeback of the low-rise jean has already begun, after J.Lo was papped out and about in November in a pair complete with built-in thong underwear.

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Cue the likes of Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski and Victoria Beckham lowering their waistlines in a variety of daring low-rise denim.

But even if the slew of supermodels are getting in on the throwback trend, the internet isn't going down without a fight, with many Twitter users declaring that they'd rather die than put them on their bodies.

listen the models can wear them all they want but over my dead body will I put low rise jeans on myself ever again

— alanna bennett (@AlannaBennett) December 20, 2018

low rise jeans are the patriarchy

— Monica Castillo (@mcastimovies) December 20, 2018

i fear extra low-rise jeans more than i fear death itself

— Lauren Petrillo (@lauren_petrillo) December 18, 2018

While we're all for a fashion throwback, we reckon we'll need a helluva lot more convincing before we let these Noughties jeans back into our lives. Here are some much more wearable trends you can embrace this year...