Trinny Woodall on her new makeup line and beauty must-haves

The beauty entrepreneur has made the move from TV to social media stardom

19 Feb 2018

Beauty Festival
Manchester Central Convention Complex

We grew up watching her dish out style advice on What Not to Wear, but Trinny Woodall is far from a former TV star. She recently launched her own makeup collection Trinny London and has an army of loyal followers watching her Instagram and Facebook videos on fashion and beauty.

Trinny London is a stackable, portable, high-end makeup range. Available online only, customers use the innovative Match2Me technology to find the perfect shades to suit them. We love the collection at GLAMOUR, so we caught up with Trinny to find out more.

The Trinny London concept…

"I always want to take everything everywhere, whether I'm going on a plane or just out and about. I used to take such a big makeup bag and I wanted everything in one place. I also hate using brushes and I really love cream-based products. I don't like the powdered look and I don't like to see product on skin, I just like the little things you don't want on show to be hidden. A lot of people put on makeup and it sits on top but I like to work it in. Don't use a sponge where you really cake it on, I feel so strongly about that."

Online beauty brands…

"Before Trinny London, I bought hardly any beauty products online. The biggest challenge [when launching Trinny London] was giving women the confidence to buy from a brand which they hadn't tried in store. When you're an online brand you're quite far away from your customer, but you speak to them every day on social media so you have quite an intimate relationship. In the morning I'm always on Instagram Live and my followers will ask me questions."


"We made-over around 500 women. The first 200 women were friends of friends who came to my bathroom. For the next 300 we did a call out on Facebook to my followers asking if they'd like to be involved. None of them were professional models and they've all been on the journey with us which I really like."

The transition from print media to bloggers…

"It's a mixed bag. There's nothing better than someone who's spent many years researching products and has a thorough understanding of skin and ingredients and what works and what doesn't. This has traditionally been through journalists because they do their research. There are great journalists like Sali Hughes who really are obsessed with ingredients. Then you have people who have come up through social media like Caroline Hirons, who has incredible knowledge of skincare. I think there's room for everything, but we want expertise. People filming videos in their bedrooms are incredibly common, so I think you're looking for someone you really trust."

TV or social media…

"I do live TV a few times a month, which I love. When I did TV before it was very real but it was edited in a way that Susannah [Constantine] had a character and I had a character. What I like on social media is that nobody edits me. Two production companies have asked if I'll do a show, but I do Facebook and I might get up to 80,000 viewers. If you look at audiences on British TV they've come down quite a lot. I just feel right now that I couldn't imagine doing a TV show, they take so long."

Best piece of beauty advice...

"I saw a plastic surgeon years ago because I had very bad acne and I was thinking about doing something to get rid of the scars. He told me that exfoliation is such an important thing to do every day because you want to wear down the scarring. I always exfoliate and double cleanse. So many people buy expensive products, but they're not putting them on really clean skin."

Favourite skincare...

"I love De Mamiel Restorative Cleansing Balm and Dr. Lancer The Method: Polish. Or I'll use Goldfaden Doctor's Scrub Advanced if I want a peel off exfoliator. With serum it depends what I'm doing. I love Dr Sebagh's Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream and I think Sunday Riley Good Genes is great, but it's very strong with very high-level ingredients so you have to be careful. I also love the Niod Copper Amino Isolate Serum, because I like the idea of copper being the first thing I put on my skin as it facilitates other products really well. At the end of the day, if you do the right routine you should hardly need a moisturiser, and if you're doing the wrong routine you'll be thinking how dehydrated and dry your skin is."

Trinny will be speaking at The GLAMOUR Beauty Festival 2018. From 9th-11th March the beauty pages of GLAMOUR will spring to life at London's Saatchi Gallery, with treatments, celebs and a free goodie bag worth over £180! Get your tickets on

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